El Camino y la Comida


Welcome to the 2011 ramblings of my adventures on the Camino de Santiago with my girlfriends, Kat and Zitta.

Please forgive the typos and grammatical oopsies – these were written sans editing or much forethought. I wanted to keep the “in the moment” feel. Think live twitter without any editing. These entries were written on a small tablet, typically in the late afternoons while everyone else was napping after a day walking 25km, on the steps of a church or cafe with borrowed wifi.

Click on the photo. Enjoy!


1Day 0: Allons-y, Paris


St. Jean-Pied-de-PortDay 1: From St. Jean


7Day 2: Mystical Pyrenees


13Day 3: Bloodshed on the Camino


16Day 4: Living in the Present


23Day 5: El Torro y La Familia


6Day 6: Windmills and Snails


19Day 7: A Tease and Two Pizzas


1Day 8: Abuela’s Care


8Day 9: An Oasis


15Day 10: Wine, Wine, Wine


26Day 11: A Tale of Two Feeties


1Day 12: Santo Domingo’s Blessing


12Day 13: Water, Water Everywhere


22Day 14: The Bed of Birds


1Day 15: Freedom


12Day 16: Italian Time


1Day 17: The Sounds of the Camino


13Day 18: Back to the Future


26Day 19: Our Way or the Highway


1Day 20: Stopping Time


14Day 21: Repetition and Change – Feast of St. James


1Day 22: Fly Girls on the Mountain


19Day 23: Walking in the Footsteps of Legends


1Day 24: Conan and the Franks


15Day 25: Courage and Conviction


28Day 26: Foggy Bottom


1Day 27: The Awakening


13Day 28: The Forest of Enchantment


25Day 29: Dancing in the Dark


1Day 30: What Time is It?


12Day 31: Each a Different Drummer


1Day 32: A Spell is Cast


10Day 33: Santiago


22Day 34: Angel to the End of the World


28Day 35: Vamos a la Playa


1Day 36: Fire and Rebirth